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HOOP-A-WAY -the most cost-effective alternative to baketball rim replacement. Take-a-way the opportunity for crime and vandalism on your court with HOOP-A-WAY.

It's easy to install and easy to maintain. We'll supply all the necessary parts you need to mount it to your existing backboard or we can sell you a backboard, too.

The patented HOOP-A-WAY is designed with a quick-change locking mechanism that allows easy installation and removal with an 82" weather resistant rod. By first locking the HOOP-A-WAY to the rod, the rim can be easily raised to the backboard and fastened to a custom designed backboard mounting plate.

With easy removal and proper storage you'll find the HOOP-A-WAY will last. You'll also take-a-way potential vandalism.

The Rim, Mounting Plate, Installation Rod and Backboard are all weather resistant.

Gasdorf, Inc. will completely cover your HOOP-A-WAY (Rim, Mounting Plate, Rod and Backboard) for One Full Year against manufactured defects. Your HOOP-A-WAY is precision manufactured to ensure top quality. All the components are completely interchangeable for extended use.

Don't Give Crime an Excuse

Installation is easy and effective but with any goal, proper safety precautions should be exercised.

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The patented Locking Mechanism Insert Installation Rod into locking mechanism and twist till the rim locks to the rod. Carefully raise the rim and insert into the backboard Mounting Plate. Twist the rod back locking the rim to the backboard and disengaging the rod.